How to Get Your MBA without Taking the GMAT

Do you want an MBA degree to boost your career opportunities, but can’t take GMAT for some reason? Read on to find out why the GMAT won’t be an obstacle in acquiring an MBA degree.

Undoubtedly, a high GMAT score is critical for a compelling MBA application, and improves your chances of getting into a top business school. But what if an aspirant doesn’t have the luxury of preparing for a GMAT exam, or perhaps can’t score well after appearing in a GMAT test?

We have listed alternative options that can get you into a reputable MBA program without taking the GMAT. Let’s take a look at some of the choices.

MBA courses that do not require a GMAT, or even a GRE score, can be categorized into the following three groups:

1. Executive MBA programs
2. Full-time MBA programs that don’t require GMAT
3. Online MBA courses

Let’s explore all these in more detail.

Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA programs are devised particularly for working professionals. The program offers flexibility to professionals who wish to advance their career prospects with an MBA degree, but cannot compromise their current job. The requirement to provide a GMAT score is waived in lieu of their managerial experience. The candidate gets the opportunity to gain an MBA degree, without taking a break from his current job. Some of the high-ranked executive MBA programs include:
NYU Stern Executive MBA
MIT Executive MBA
Smith Executive MBA
Oxford Executive MBA

Full-Time MBA Programs that don’t require GMAT

Several business schools have come to believe that the GMAT score might not be the best indicator of a candidate’s potential. As a result, many reputed business schools have removed the GMAT score from the list of admission criteria. Apart from the many international and lesser known schools, there are many reputed business schools like Texas A&M and Rutgers that do not ask for a GMAT score for enrolling into an MBA program. Aspirants are recommended to conduct thorough research about the MBA program they are planning to sign up for, and the future job prospects to make sure that the program caters to their career requirements.

Online MBA Program

Lastly, MBA aspirants who do not want to appear in a GMAT test can opt for an online MBA program. There are several online MBA programs, including some of the high-ranked courses, that do not require a GMAT score. The NYU Stern School of Business is one of the many prestigious institutions that offer an online MBA course without the requirement for a GMAT score. You can also choose an online MBA with no GMAT from UAB as it offers an incredible range of programs.

Take heart the above options, and you will no longer need a GMAT score to be eligible for an MBA degree.