Mummified stolen Canadian toe used in cocktail returned by ‘drunken fool’

This little piggy is home — case closed.

The thief who stole the mummified toe from the Downtown Hotel in Yukon, Canada, has returned the digit to its rightful owners. The toe was last seen at the hotel in Dawson City, where it was taken by a man who was drinking the specialty “sour toe” cocktail.

The cocktail, a Downton Hotel tradition, consists of the toe sitting in a shot of whiskey. The thief downed the drink and snatched the toe Sunday night.

The thief of the “sour toe” apologized as he mailed the toe back to the hotel Tuesday, saying  he did not intend to steal it, he was just rather intoxicated.

Canadian Mounties looking for missing toe essential to cocktail

“I’m deeply sorry, I was way too drunk and lost my mind celebrating a special Yukon date,” read the letter signing off with “sincerely a drunken fool.”

The toe arrived undamaged Thursday.

The charges have been dropped, say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but it’s uncertain whether the “fool” is still on the hook for the $2,500 fine that is in place for stealing the toe.

According to reports, the mummified toes come from the amputated limbs of miners who suffered accidents working in the nearby mines. The toe that was stolen was the bar’s most recent addition to its collection. It had been cured in salt for six months, after being surgically removed from an individual. Hotel officials say they’ve recieved 10 toes over the years, some that were left to the establishment in people’s wills.